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Vision - The BBQ that Keeps You Licking Your Fingers
Motto - Slow Down, Let Us Grill For You

Where It All Began


Derrick R. Wood is a successful author, veteran, entrepreneur, family man and is currently serving as Mayor of Dumfries, Virginia. Respected as a leader wherever he goes, Wood has garnered the support of many with his commitment to community service and his relentless quest to create a world where excellence is the standard.

Constantly pursuing higher heights, the former marine can be found ushering in various waves of purpose fueled living. Knowing firsthand the power of perseverance, Wood empowers others to pursue their purpose with vigor and intentionality. His modern and unique approach to leadership and impact have left room for opportunities to share his transformational words of wisdom on rediscovering purpose, refocusing vision, clarifying potential, and more.

​With an air of relatability and a true sense of confidence, Derrick R. Wood serves everyone he encounters with humility and charm. He is the founder and pitmaster of Dyvine Barbecue In Motion, a mobile barbecue catering company and competition team. He and the Dyvine Barbecue team happily and successfully serve the DMV area with food that is full of flavor and cooked to perfection.

Derrick R. Wood resides in Dumfries, Virginia with his wife and children.

"You are stronger than you think. Don't quit. You got this. Hustle grind until you are winning again."

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